Casino Dress Code – Look Like a Million Dollars at The Casino

Casino Dress Code

If you’ve never stepped foot inside a New Zealand Casino before, then there may be a few questions mulling around your head. One of those questions could be how to dress for a casino night out. Well, the answer depends on whether you’re male or female, of course, but we’ve got all the other information that you need to know. So, take a break from online casino games, get up from your couch and let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be expected to wear through the doors of your chosen casino.

Make Sure You’re Smart and Tidy

It probably goes without saying that there’s a need to be dressed smartly when you visit the casino. That’s not just a suggestion – it’s the written-in-stone policy for casinos in New Zealand. In fact, most of them have a dedicated list of attire that will not be permitted within their establishment, forming the stricter end of the dress code for casinos. That list of unacceptable clothing includes, more often than not, the following:

  • Beanie hats
  • Clothing that is obviously stained or dirty, including footwear
  • Tradesman’s attire, including safety vests
  • Sleeveless tops on men
  • Steel toe-capped boots
  • Clothing featuring offensive words or designs
  • Any attire bearing gang insignias or patches
  • Sunglasses, unless being worn within poker zones
  • Flip flops or similar footwear between 9pm and 5am

So, just a quick glance at the list above should tell you that the casino dress code in New Zealand is one that requires guests to be tidily attired. Of course, it would be appropriate to know which clothes are actually acceptable for both men and women, so let’s have a look at that now.

Casino Dress Code lady

NZ Casino Dress Code for Women

No one is saying you need to dress up like you’re attending a party hosted by the Royal Family. Your outfit can remain quite casual, as long as there’s still a classy edge to it. Women have the possibility of combining a skirt and blouse, or even wearing a stylish dress, to the casino. If you feel more comfortable wearing pants instead, then it’s always advisable to take advantage of dress pants. They can be combined with a blouse or a stylish top.

It is also acceptable for a woman to wear a jacket on top of her attire. When it comes to footwear, women are expected to adhere to the casino dress code by donning attractive shoes. Of course, these should be comfortable for you, but also suit the rest of your attire. It’s often not permitted for sneakers to be worn in casinos.

How to Dress for a Casino Night – Men

While smart and stylish may sound like men are expected to attend casinos in a three-piece suit and tie, that’s not actually the case. As long as you’re dressed smartly, you’re able to attend a casino in casual enough clothing. So again, men may wish to wear casual dress pants with a short or long-sleeved shirt. Potentially, male guests may want to take a sweater or jacket along with them to the casino as well.

As with the ladies, men should also wear comfortable but smart footwear that adheres to the dress code for the casino they’re visiting. Of course, it’s quite likely that you’ll spend a lot of time sitting down at poker or blackjack tables – for example – but that doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing grotty shoes. You’ll still need to move around the casino from table to table, or machine to machine, so just ensure that you have appropriate footwear on during your stay at the casino.

Additional Things You Need to Remember

While it’s necessary to wear suitable clothing when visiting a casino in New Zealand, you do need to keep a few other items on your person as well. The first of these is the identification, so that you can prove your age. Most casinos accept the following forms of identification:

  • New Zealand passport
  • International passport
  • New Zealand driving licence
  • Kiwi Access card or HANZ 18+ Card
  • New Zealand firearms licence

Any of these documents can be kept inside a smart jacket or pants pocket after being used. There’s every chance that you won’t need them, but not taking your ID is just not worth the risk. While not formally part of the casino dress code, it’s a relevant item to remember. Most casinos will also require some form of identification if you intend to enroll in any sort of loyalty program.

Last – but most certainly not least – make sure that you behave appropriately at the casino. Anyone who is overly intoxicated, abusive, or threatening towards staff or other customers risks being thrown out and banned from the establishment.